An Uncommon Experience

What awaits visitors to Filling’s is an uncommon shopping experience. Being family owned and operated since 1929 has allowed us to build successful and meaningful relationships. Many of our customers become like family. The emphasis here is on “custom”. We tailor your experience to your needs. You will come to Filling’s for the clothes, but you will keep coming back for the experience.


At Filling's, We're Family

Jay Filling

Beginning his career at Filling’s as a ten year old, Jay is a 3rd generation owner of Filling’s Clothing. He enjoys building relationships with customers and staff; some are spanning 3 to 4 generations. His style is all about integrity, and his must-have clothing pieces are a trusty sportcoat, and of course, a pocket square. If he’s not at work, you can find him on the golf course.

Ben Karl

Ben is a young Lancastrian with 12 years of experience in 3 outstanding specialty stores including a past local competitor. The family is excited to have someone who understands the uniqueness of the Filling’s brand and tradition. Ben and his wife Lisa are community-minded and truly love Lancaster. With guidance from our family, Ben’s passion for the business will provide a dynamic shopping experience. He is a master merchandiser.

Mary Beth Filling

Mary Beth, owner of Filling's and wife of Jay, enjoys helping customers find new outfits that they feel great about, as well as the buying aspect of her job. Mary Beth favors neutrals with a pop of the latest trend; her style is classic with an edge. Aside from work, Mary Beth enjoys playing tennis, being with her family, and cooking!

Lindsay Powers

As a 4th generation Filling to work at Filling's, Lindsay started in the business after college 8 years ago. She loves the fun and challenge of buying trips each season, but her favorite part of the business is developing relationships with customers. In her free time, she enjoys being active, and spending time with her husband, Will, friends, family, and her new puppy!

Linda Filling

Linda began her career at Filing's at the Lemon Street location when she was 15 years old. When she was in 4th grade, her mother started the ladies' department at Filling's, and Linda has loved fashion ever since. Hard to believe, that Linda is partially retired, only working two days a week. "Just enough to keep that love alive!" She loves to cook, run, golf, and spend time with her grown children and three adorable grandchildren.

Emily Keppel

Emily enjoys putting together outfits with fabulous clothing and accessories for customers, displays, and herself! She loves clothing and defines her style as “stylish basics". During her free time, Emily loves spending time with her family and learning how to play tennis.

Randy Weidner

A lover of fly fishing and golf, Randy enjoys spending his time in the great outdoors. When he’s not outside, he is at Filling’s Clothing where he has been working for ten years. His favorite part of his job is making someone feel excited about what to wear. Randy likes to dress up his classic style with a pop of color.

Michele Aichele Transue

Michele, a cousin of the owners, is thrilled to be part of the Filling’s Clothing family for the past two years. Michele loves the time she spends at the store helping customers look and feel their best in the perfect outfit.  When not working at Filling’s, you can find her teaching elementary school students in a nearby district.  Michele enjoys spending time with family and friends, watching her two children play sports, and walking her puppy. 

Galina Reznik

Galina offers over 40 years of professional tailoring experience and has been a part of the Filling’s team since 2007. She loves spending time with her family of four children and nine grandchildren. Aside from spending time with family, she enjoys knitting, baking, and traveling.


Karen Bennett ...a native Lancastrian...has a lifelong passion for the retail business. Throughout the years this passion has focused on supporting the specialty store at both the wholesale and retail levels. In addition to providing customers with personal service, she enjoys visual merchandising and accessorizing!!! Leisure hours are spent with her family of 5 children and 13 grandchildren.


Kirk has been successfully working in the men’s clothing business for 36 years and has done every job imaginable from a stock boy to holding various executive positions. He enjoys every aspect of the art and history of men’s clothing from the patterns, colors, textiles, and design. Kirk values the opportunity to stand in front of clients and friends to help inspire and teach them the proper etiquette of dressing effectively for every occasion. He is also a proud father to his son Colin who is 24 years old and lives in Philadelphia.


Alena joined our team in November 2021. She has 20 years of experience as a tailor. She enjoys traveling, baking, and spending time with her family.

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Meet The Family

The Filling's Difference

What began as Frank F. Filling's humble soda fountain in Millersville has bloomed into one of Lancaster’s favorite family-owned and operated shops. Our founding principles of quality, value, selection, and unsurpassed customer service has guided us for over 93 years.

Distinctive clothing is our specialty. Therefore, each buying season involves our meticulous search for the best products we can find that are stylish, classic, and above all, the right fit. Our professional and knowledgeable staff has an ear for your wants and needs, an eye for style and pays attention to detail that is unique to our store. Whether it’s formal or casual, we pride ourselves on giving you distinctive, common sense fashion. At Filling’s we help you design your style with a fit to match.

Our customer relationships blend both young and old with some relationships spanning four generations. Whether you’re a longtime friend or first-time visitor, we will treat you like family. Times and fashions change, but our desire to provide you with an extraordinary experience will always be in style.

What you can expect as our guest:

Personal Relationships

Individual or group shopping appointments are available at 9 am before store hours. Call us at 717.735.9550 to schedule an appointment.

Comfortable Hospitality Bar

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee, snack, or a beverage of various sorts while you shop. Or perhaps you'd prefer to tune into the game or your family's favorite show. Stop by to shop or to chat, either way; your comfort is our wish.

Free Quick Repairs

A missing button or an open seam is all small inconveniences that can damper any occasion. Your Filling’s purchase is unconditionally guaranteed for a normal life expectancy. Stop in for a coffee and let us help, it will only take a minute or two!

Complimentary Alterations

At Filling’s, we believe in the perfect fit. Thus, all regularly priced men’s and women’s purchases will be tailored specifically for you free of charge. With an in-house tailor shop, fashion emergencies can be managed quickly and efficiently to make sure you’re always looking your best when you step out our doors.


Our sales associates and tailors have been with us for an average of 19 years, each a specialist in apparel. Whether you need help stying a wardrobe or a cool top for tonight's party, our excellent team of associates is always available to offer their expertise and a warm smile.

Return Policy

Our return policy is simple. If you are not happy, bring the item back. No questions asked for credit or refund. Furthermore, any item that has not maintained wearable integrity under normal circumstances may be returned as well.

Relationship Building

Our staff is committed to making your shopping experience as easy for you as possible. We take note of your purchases so that we can best serve you. Keeping track of your sizes, preferred vendors, fits, and colors take the guessing out of shopping, and keeps things simple! You can be notified of events and promotions at your request. In fact, if you have a request we will probably say yes.

Gift Certificates & Wrapping

Give a gift they'll be sure to love! Filling's gift certificates are available for purchase in any denomination in the store or by phone. We will wrap and mail it for you, free of charge. Don't forget to add your own personal greeting! Complimentary gift-wrapping is available for all purchases. Just tell us the occasion, and we will wrap it accordingly.

Family Friendly

We are a family business with most associates having families of their own. We welcome anyone in your shopping party. Children enjoy the hospitality bar and the multi-media options for entertainment. You can relax and shop while your family and friends have fun.

Wardrobe Refresh

We offer complimentary closet consultations, to help you style your new items with the pieces you already have at home. Also, our tailors are available to offer up advice on adjustments that will make sure your wardrobe remains the perfect fit for you. Any unwanted items will be dropped off at a charity of your choice.

Easy Parking

We want your experience as stress-free as possible. There is abundant parking to the rear of our store. Since we sit in a campus setting the security is outstanding. Well-lit with cameras makes this location trouble free.

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Our Story


Modest Beginnings

The Filling’s story began modestly. Frank Frederick Filling purchased a soda fountain in Millersville, PA. He maximized the new space by turning the rear of the building into a shop for pressing clothing and quickly expanded to another location in Lancaster in 1932. During this time period, ready-made clothing was almost non-existent. In turn, Frank wisely purchased a tailor shop at Pine and Lemon Streets making suits for just $24.75 to $38.95.


Striving to Thriving

The always enterprising Frank purchased the Green Shea Inn in Mountville, PA and transformed it into the first mineral spirits dry-cleaning facility in the state. Filling’s rapidly grew into a thriving business with multiple delivery routes and drop-off locations the county. In 1941, the tailor shop moved to a new building at the corner of Lemon St. and Charlotte St. After World War II, ready-to-wear clothing came into vogue which changed everything.


A Family Affair

For Frank, Filling’s was not just a business, it was a family affair. While all eight of his children helped the company grow, his sons Frank Jr., Jay William (Bill), Richard and Albert were the most active in the business. After Frank’s death in 1952, the family carried on his vision to keep the company a family affair. Frank Jr. and Albert carried the dry cleaning responsibility. Bill and later Dick handled apparel.


Next Generation

Filling’s eventually branched out to include uniform sales, rentals and in 1963 Kathryn Filling founded a women’s apparel division at the Lemon St. store. The brothers assumed different roles as division managers. The business thrived especially dry cleaning and apparel sales. In the mid to late 1970’s a third generation became of age for duty. Filling’s discontinued uniform sales as new locations for dry cleaning opened, and a 2nd men and women’s apparel store was added.


Apparel Movement

As the 1980’s came and went apparel sales and dry cleaning continued to be the backbone of the company. The 3rd generation members of the family, like J. Jay Filling and Linda Filling, eventually ran a business unit. Additional apparel stores were opened as a result. At one time, the company supported six working owners and four non–working owners


Changing Times

After 40+ years in the business, Frank Filling, Jr. retired in 1987. His brother Bill moved into a dual management position, overseeing apparel and dry cleaning as company president/CEO until his retirement in 1995. Jay moved to the flagship location in 1988 as the store buyer/manager and Jay’s wife Mary Beth as head of women’s apparel in 1983. Jay became president in 1995. Over the years the focus shifted exclusively to apparel.


Distinctively Classic

Jay and Mary Beth doubled down on our founding principles of quality, value, selection and unsurpassed customer service. Distinctive clothing is our specialty. We represent world-renowned collections, but we also understand there is a practical combination of style and value that is intrinsic to building successful relationships within the Lancaster community. Mary Beth and J. Jay Filling purchased the business and this change also saw the sale of the dry cleaning division.


College Row

Men’s and women’s apparel operated out of the Lemon St. store until 2007. Filling’s moved to its current location on College Row in October 2007. This move changed the company more than any decision in our history. First, we now thrive in a fresh upscale location in Lancaster’s northwest quadrant, which has developed into the destination for shopping and dining excellence. Second, the business growth enables us to offer you far more selection and a better experience.


Store Renovation

During the summer of 2018, we remodeled the College Row store, expanding it to offer you more options. This decision was made with our customers in mind because we value your experience above all else.


Experience Filling's

That’s how the story looks until now, and it’s still being written! Thank you for taking a little time to get to know us. Whether you’re a longtime customer or first-time visitor, we will treat you like family. Times and fashions change, but our desire to provide you with an extraordinary experience will always be in style. Experience the difference. Experience Filling's.

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Our deep local roots and heritage compel us to support and propel our community forward

Our family is fortunate for the support and many relationships we’ve forged over the years. With that in mind, we make it a priority to give back to our community; a community that has helped us to thrive for so long. We stay involved in most non-political, public causes that are brought to us by those who shop with us.

Groups and organizations we support:

  • American Cancer Society
  • American Heart Association
  • Barshinger Cancer Center
  • Hospice
  • Lancaster County Conservancy
  • Lancaster Catholic High School
  • Lancaster County Junior Golf Tour
  • Lancaster General Health
  • Lancaster Humane League
  • Lancaster YMCA
  • Long’s Park Amphitheater Foundation
  • Milagro House
  • Schreiber Pediatric