Men's Clothing

The men’s store at Filling’s is an updated edition of our vintage haberdashery roots. Our philosophy of service and selection remains, but in a new modern setting, fitting the changing times. Our brands are representative of tried and true fashion with an emphasis on distinctive pieces unique to our trading area that will suit every occasion from work, golf outings, weddings, and everything in between.

Our buyers demand quality craftsmanship in unique fabrics and looks that you can wear and maintain nicely for several seasons.

Our tailored clothing, accessories, and furnishings are mostly made in North America, and they bridge modern fits with wearable designs. Emphasizing that unique, comfortable looks which fit may still be processed easily by your dry cleaner.

Made to measure and simple custom are natural for our particular view of fashion. Our fitting specialists have up to 35 years of experience and are highly equipped to help whether you are a challenging fit or merely like to choose your options this method will reflect your style.

Our newly refurbished shoe department has brands that reflect both the dressy nature of our heritage as well as the younger sportswear options that are always denim friendly.

Sportswear and lifestyle brands have become the overwhelming leader in selection. The diversity of your choice for a store our size is uncommon. Our brands reflect our philosophy of fashion. You want to look your best. Maybe you want to be the best-dressed person in the county. We can accomplish both, but the items also need to be wearable and serviceable. Cool sportswear does not need to wear out in one season.

At Filling's, we're family

When you shop at Filling's, you'll find a tight-knit atmosphere—we're family owned and operated, and every person who walks through our doors is our family too.

The Filling's Experience