1 Sport Coat 5 Looks

This coat has become a MUST-HAVE.


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This coat has become a MUST-HAVE. Blue is the universal color that looks good on almost every man. Instead of looking like the other “navy blazer” wearing masses at the club, seminar, or meeting, set yourself apart. This new blue coat has more character and can be worn almost as universally.

Here are 5 looks using one of Jay’s favorite sport coats. Besides the coat, every look has one thing in common. If you remember what Jay’s favorite accessory is, you’ll see it right away. Everyone else will have to look carefully!

Outfit 1 – Navy classic dress pant, pink oxford, pink tipped cotton pocket round

Outfit 2 – Light blue dress pant, white oxford with navy thread button holes, silk pocket square

Outfit 3 – Stretch denim pant. white oxford with navy thread buttonholes, silk pocket square

Outfit 4 – Navy 5 pocket cotton pant, blue mini check shirt, silk pocket square, cotton fancy socks

Outfit 5 – white navy trimmed flat pant, pink oxford shirt, linen tipped pocket round

Did you spot the similarity?
Well dressed men always wear a pocket square. This has become the “tie” for sport coat wearing. You won’t catch Jay wearing a sport coat without one!