A Note From Ben Karl

Thank you for the warm welcome into your family.


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Dear Filling’s Customers,


Thank you for the warm welcome into your family. When thinking about my next career move, I aspired to own and operate a store just like Filling’s. I’m so glad Jay and Mary Beth agreed to fold me into their retirement plans.


Ever since I attended McCaskey High School, I’ve worked in specialty retail. I took a few career turns out of town, from Philadelphia to Birmingham, Alabama, yet I always found myself returning to Lancaster. I was born and raised here, and nothing compares to the local community support in our town.


As I’ve built my career, I’ve honed my craft and am excited to share it with you. I’m ready to lead Filling’s into its next generation through the guidance of Jay and Mary Beth over the next few years and Lindsay long-term.


In addition to loving quality clothes, I love Lancaster, and my wife Lisa. We live in Chestnut Hill and frequent places like Central Market, The Belvedere, and Lancaster County Park. I look forward to meeting you at Filling’s as well as seeing you all around town.


The Filling’s family of customers is one I truly admire. I’m grateful to have found this home with you.


Thank you again for your support.


All my best to you and your family,
Ben Karl