Important Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

March 17

9:00 am, Filling's Clothing

We speak for the entire Filling’s team when we say our customers are like family.


The days ahead will be difficult for those of us in brick and mortar retail. In our previous 90 years, we have dealt with crises of many proportions. The uncertainty of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) makes this one hard to manage.


Most small business owners are innovators. We adapt and understand how to survive. Rest assured, things will be no different this time.


Following the orders of state officials, Filling’s will be closed for in-store shopping beginning Tuesday, March 17th. We will monitor and update the situation as conditions change, and as of now, we plan to reopen, Monday, March 30th.


Beginning today (March 17th) at noon, we have asked our staff to remain home for the duration of the lockdown period. Lindsay, Mary Beth, or Jay will be available daily for Facetime shopping, photos of favorite outfits, Instagram posting, and text or phone calls to answer any of your questions.


All purchases, including gift certificates, will be delivered free of charge.


Please send all correspondence via email to,, or, or through the website, Voicemail at (717)735-9550 will be checked daily as well. We will try to honor any individual requests we can.


We wish you and your family the best. We hope to see you in two weeks.