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We'll get through this together, Lancaster. A letter from Jay Filling regarding COVID-19.


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Employee Highlight

We at Filling’s truly work as a family, play as a family and embrace our universe of customers and vendors as family. The loyalty and well wishes expressed by many of you has been overwhelming. A fortunate group we are!


My father and mentor, Bill Filling, always said adversity builds character. I’m not sure he envisioned COVID-19, but there is truth to his wisdom. Our founder, my grandfather, survived the Great Depression and World War II. My father survived three wars and countless recessions. I have been through four recessions and now COVID. Fortunately, and unfortunately, we have quite a resume in “character building”.


Filling’s is resilient and will continue to survive. Thanks to your support, even while closed, the business is in excellent condition. We have a store full of new merchandise with most of spring 2020 on the racks. Many of you have expressed interest in virtual shopping. Be on the lookout for a series of posts and emails over the coming month(s) before and after we reopen to help you shop virtually.


Thank you for shopping with us. The relationships we maintain are treasured. Please stay well. We will come through this stronger together.


Should there be anything we can do for you just ask. Call (717) 735-9550 or email me personally at


With best regards,
J. Jay Filling on behalf of our terrific team