3 Breathable Materials for Your Summer Wardrobe

Stay cool in outfits crafted in these summer-friendly fabrics.


This summer, crafting the perfect outfit for warm summer days and nights all comes down to finding the right fabrics! Trends may come and go, but choosing well-crafted summer staples using quality materials is an investment in staying cool, comfortable, and stylish no matter how high the temperature climbs. In this blog. we will show you how to incorporate three summer-friendly fabrics into your repertoire this season.


Cotton is a light, natural fiber that allows easy airflow through the fabric’s weave. Cotton fabrics are light, absorbent, and can wick away sweat while keeping you cool and comfortable even on the warmest days. Soft cotton fibers are also less likely to irritate sensitive skin. Since cotton is widely available, we have plenty of ways to incorporate it into your summer wardrobe! For women, flowy dresses from Olivia James or casual tops from Lilla P brighten up your look and are light and breezy. For men, Polos from Gran Sasso and pants from Meyer are staples you will be returning to again and again!


Much like cotton, the natural fibers of linen allow much more airflow compared to synthetic fabrics. When you envision the perfect outfit for a summer in Italy or strolling the beach in Greece, chances are you may be seeing casual classic linen separates! The ease and lightness of linen are why it comes to mind for a classic summer look, and we cant help you channel those summer abroad vibes here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with linen tops from David Donahue for men or a twist on the linen pant from Up! Pants for women. 



Silk is a unique fabric because its structure allows it to work well in warm and cool temperatures; it all depends on the openness of the weave in the material or knit. A tighter weave keeps warmth in, while a loose weave with space between the fibers allows air to escape. As a natural fiber derived from silkworms, silk is also an excellent option for those with sensitive skin. Kinross creates the perfect feather-weight summer tanks for women using a luxuriously soft and light cashmere and silk blend. Men’s silk shirts from Canali offer a sophisticated pop of pattern in a silk blend that will keep you cool from day to night.


If you want to find quality pieces to add to your summer wardrobe, come visit us! We will run a full clearance sale at the end of July with 50-80% off everything. Incorporate these breathable fabric essentials into your closet to keep you cool and stylish long after summer has turned to fall.