2020 Men’s Custom Clothing Event

June 18

11:00 am, Filling's Clothing

Treat yourself to the ‘Perfect Fit’!

Nothing looks or feels better.


For this year’s Men’s Custom Clothing Event, we are excited to bring you the latest styles and fits from our trusted brands including Jack Victor, Samuelsohn, and Trinity. These high-quality vendors hand-craft each suit, sport coat, shirt, and trouser to your exact measurements, making it truly a one-of-a-kind piece. Save 20% off Custom Menswear from June 18-27.


Appointments for Custom Fittings are encouraged. Call the store at (717)735-9550 to arrange a time.




Samuelsohn’s Spring – Summer 2020 is defined by luxuriously blended fabrics in super lightweights. Construction is stripped to a bare minimum.

Jack Victor

Modern, versatile yet sophisticated, Jack Victor’s Spring – Summer 2020 collection embody the luxurious feeling of premium tailoring.

Trinity Apparel

Trinity Apparel was founded by clothiers for clothiers. This collection has a distinctive character that cannot be found off-the-rack.