His & Hers Layering Guides

Building a perfectly cozy outfit has never been easier! Here's our guide to layering this season.


The Ground Rules


There is a right and wrong way to layering. We walk a fine line between looking effortlessly bundled up and looking like a marshmallow (think Randy in A Christmas Story “I can’t put my arms down!”) But never fear, we’ve got you covered on the essential layering pieces to keep you both warm and chic in the coming months.


First, some basic rules.

  1. Always layer pieces thin to thick in weight.
  2. Choose an outfit that looks great both as an ensemble and as stand-alone pieces.
  3. Embrace mixing colors and patterns – but don’t overdo it.


The Essentials


For Him – Begin with rule #1 and pick out a basic t-shirt as a strong base for your look. This can be either short- or long-sleeved, depending on how warm you’d like to be.


For your second layer, choose a versatile sports shirt. This can be left open or buttoned depending on the occasion. Try to find a shirt in a hue that compliments the color of your base tee. This will add depth to your outfit.  

Third, look for a luxurious sweater or an easy pullover. If the first two layers are colorful, go for a neutral sweater. If your base is more subdued, kick it up a notch with a bright colored pullover. Vests are also a great alternative that will free up your arms and still keep you warm enough to walk the dog.

Finish your layered ensemble with an overcoat. Look for one with structure and warm lining to hold up against the elements.



For Her – Start with a short- or long-sleeved shirt. Two of our favorite base layers for women is a lightweight turtleneck or printed tee. Keep the fit of your base slim to minimize the overall weight of your outfit. We love this olive top below.

Second, add warmth with a crew neck sweater. Don’t shy away from a pattern or texture with this layer – it will be the piece that is most visible, so make it your own! A chunky knit or soft cashmere brings both coziness and comfort to your look.

Jackets and coats are heating up this season. The key to this layer is finding a piece that looks stylish while keeping the cold at bay. Bomber and puffer jackets are making a comeback in the trend scene. We love wearing these in bright colors to bring some cheer to the colder months.


Last but not least, accent your look with some warm accessories! Pompom beanies, knit gloves and mittens, and scarves tie your outfit together.